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Descriptions of Classes

Trillium Dance is in it's 16th year of  programming. Holistic in essence, Trillium Dance is a contemporary dance company progressive in it's ability to provide a rich combination of diverse training in movement fundamentals, dance technique, artistry,  personal expression & embodiment. Trillium dancers embark on an all encompassing journey as they are continually skill building through the many technical & creative facets of Trillium Dance's programming. This contemporary & fundamental design, holistically nurtures a dancers awareness in self, others & their dance community.... deepening into the integration of body, mind & spirit.


Creative Dance

A colourful and imaginative fusion of storytelling through movement, dance, yoga and improvisation, while dancing as animals, elements, seasons, the emotions and much much more. Explore the elements of dance in relation to time, space, force and flow while developing relationship skills as dancers while working together in pairs, trios and small groups, developing unity as well as learning cooperation. Dancers also shine in their authenticity as they explore free dancing in an encouraging environment. The joy of dance blooms as children are immersed into rhyming exercises and movement songs that promote musicality as well as stretching and strengthening the body. The use of musical instruments, numerous dance games and dancing with silk veils, colourful scarves and other props makes this a magical environment for much fun to be had! 


Creative Contemporary w/ Ballet / Folkloric/ Hip Hop/ AfroFusion

As colourful and imaginative as Creative Dance, this class deepens dance awareness while creatively and joyfully introducing new styles and genres of dance.


Contemporary w/Ballet 

A collaborative fusion of styles that explores technique and alignment fundamentals while establishing the basic and dynamic movement that governs the body. Contemporary, a freer more expressive form of dance, allows creative and supple movements to flow, and build and release in an open and structured way. Ballet is is a stylized and formal dance with precise patterns of movement which promote grace, beauty and poise!


Folkloric Fusion

This class explores the dancing of long ago, & of lore, with a contemporary exploration of here and now, incorporating skirt, veil and scarf dancing, while journeying into other movement vocabularies of circle and line dances. A colourful class with colourful choreography.


Hip Hop, AfroFusion 

Based on African Dance fundamentals and introducing the urban dance style of Afro-Fusion, this is a highly energetic, super fun and rhythmical dance experience guaranteed to make you sweat, laugh & have a great time with friends. Hip Hop is about personal style and expression, and this class will definitely inspire the dancer with the passion to move! Come move and groove to awesome music with inspirational beats and lyrics merging old school sounds with new school vibes. 


*** Some Hip Hop classes will move into an intro of Breakdance covering categories such as toprock, power move and freeze basics.


Belly Dance, Folkloric and Tribal Fusion

A contemporary fusion of Middle Eastern Dance dynamically woven with traditional and modern fundamentals. An inspiring and nourishing class to explore your creative essence in a vibrant & rich environment while incorporating a variety of feminine honouring movements. This class teaches you how move fluidly and how to control your body parts independently, while toning, encouraging good posture, improving flexibility, and inspiring you to find beauty and power within your body. Explore the fusion of the soft, gentle undulating of torso, hips & arms of the oriental style, with the strong and passionate arms of the Spanish style; all while embellishing this fusion with the beautiful flowering hand work of floreo's.  Be prepared to get your shimmy on and discover muscles you never knew you had! 


Mythos of Movement - Living Soma Embodiment

This a mytho-somatic, holistic & integrative dance practice that combines elements of authentic, free-form movement, ecstatic dance, trance dance, and more. The intention is to create a safe and nurturing container for grounding, regulating, and integrating nervous system states, vagal tone, & lived experiences. This practice is deeply grounding yet boundless and mystical, providing a devotional space for the integration of breath, movement, and the elementals of inner and outer ecology. In addition to this practice, weekly contemplative and journal prompts will also be offered as an option for further integration.

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