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About Jennifyre

Jennifyre is a multi-disciplinary artist with an extensive background in dance, art, performance, dance therapy, & somatic movement. She is a professionally trained teacher in many technical & traditions of dance, & is also a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor specializing in Relational Somatic Therapy. As she brings these worlds together, she holistically weaves dance into a nurturing & supportive dance experience.


With 43 years of dance studies & experience, Jennifyre has a unique approach to dance, movement & the teaching of both. Jennifyre's passion for teaching shines through in a creative, fun, integrative, & embodied approach. Over the past 26 years, Jennifyre has naturally developed into the fusion movement of dance exploration.


Created locally in the Kootenay's, under the umbrella of Trillium School of Dance & Holistic Expression, she has developed a holistic dance curriculum combining different styles of dance, movement, & somatic practices that immerses dancers into a culture of movement, expression & community. Trillium Dance is currently celebrating it's 17th year.


Evocative, invoking & vivid, Trillium Dance programs & performances imbue strength, passion, beauty, grace, & joy. Trillium Dance programs bring fresh curiosity to a variety of cultural traditions & eclectic styles of dance. While weaving authentic & contemporary exploration, somatic movement & body-mind centering practices, Trillium Dance programs mentor dancers of all ages into a unique & empowering dance synthesis! Jennifyre is delighted to share her love of dance with her community! ​


Let's dance & create something BEAUTIFUL!

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