Covid-19 Safety Plan

COVID19 Studio Policy: 


Dance for youth 21 and Under


Any students feeling unwell must stay home and not attend class. 

•Parents must email absences on behalf of students age 19 years and under.


Entry & Front Entrance

We have a limited number of people allowed in the building prioritizing just students. If you have questions, please email


Drop off & Pick up

Students arrive no more than 5 minutes before classes and leave within 10 minutes of classes finishing. Students must wait outside, physical-distancing outside at the downstairs entry until their class starts. Here will be a hand sanitation station. All parents will need to drop and go or stay in their cars. Classes will finish 10 minutes early to allow enough time for students to exit the studio and clear common areas before the next class can enter their studio. This is to minimize students crossing paths and to maintain restricted number of people in the building.



Students are to arrive to class in their dance attire and avoid changing at the studio if it can be helped. Students must sanitize hands upon entry and exit of the studio, and must wear socks or dance shoes. Sanitizing stations are available at the entry of each studio and at the entry upon arrival. Students are to keep all their belongings with them at all times and are asked to not leave items in the waiting room or student study area. Students will need to place their belongings on the shelves in the studio.


Contact Details 

Please ensure that all contact details are correct and up to date. We may need to contact you. 



All students must be registered into a class before arriving to any dance classes. It is important now that the class lists are correct and we know exactly who is in the studio and continue to manage the number of people in our care. Our class lists act as our tracking sheets in the event there is a case of COVID in the studio. 


Safety Protocols / Point Form

For the safety of all, we are implementing the following protocols:

  • Buffer times – between each studio booking.

  • Hand Sanitizers – More sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout the building.

  • Cleaning – We are increasing cleaning of all touch-points in the building, and studios will be cleaned after each use.

  • Shoe Bags – Please bring a bag to hold your shoes and place on the mat located at each studio entrance.

  • No bare feet – in the studios or anywhere in the building

  • Contact Tracing – We will take attendance from each class list which has names & phone number as they arrive. 

  • Lobby Upstairs – The Upstairs is open as way to enter studio but is closed for seating.







References to Guidelines & Safety Plan



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